If there has been one undeniable theme of my life, then it has to be COLOUR. I have been enamored with it since childhood. Like a kid and candy, I could never get enough of it, but unlike a kid and candy, I could never get sick of it either. You know the phrase “less is more”? Well, I guess for me, “more is more”, especially with regards to colour. Put simply: colour makes me want to DANCE!


I feel reverence for the way colour can create playfulness in the otherwise mundane. Much like the nostalgia of childhood where we felt powerful when we wore a sweater that was impossibly neon. Was that just me?!


I can sense when colour helps me feel alive and invigorated, dull and melancholy, or calm and safe. So, while I have a suspicion that I was born with an acute sensitivity to the ‘feeling of colour’, I think we are all very affected by it. There is power in colour and I believe it can be better harnessed to heighten emotional well-being and mental health today, in both private and public spaces.


It’s in that very realm where my art claims its spot on the dance floor!


I want my work to be a beacon of hope and happiness. It’s unabashedly celebratory to it’s core and represents joy, excitement and the magic of observing. I used to create art to speak about darker social topics, and that’s necessary; there’s a place for that. But I didn’t love the way that art made me feel. It’s not the type of awareness that mirrored my true purpose. It wasn’t my palette or a party I wanted to stay at past midnight.


My canvas is reserved for the delicate dance of colour + texture, where emotion and nostalgia join in, twirling and shimmy-shakin’ to the beat, becoming the palpable celebration of my soul. My art is that friend on the dance floor- hand outstretched in your direction- beckoning you with a grin: “c’mon, let’s DANCE!”